At Social Capital Strategies, we know that communicating about the environment isn’t about selling issues to people; it’s about connecting with their core values. That’s why it takes a robust approach to cut through the noise and reach audiences on a deeper level.

With a strong understanding of public attitudes and beliefs, Social Capital Strategies helps clients develop values-based communications and campaign strategies that mobilize support for environmental solutions. Working with partners in the non-profit, academic, government and private sectors, we offer a range of strategic communications services including:

  • Research and analysis that seeks to understand your issue from all sides. This involves reviewing polls and social science to determine key trends and barriers, performing media audits that expose how debates have shifted over time, and conducting original qualitative research that draws insights from focus groups and thought leader interviews.
  • Communications and campaign strategies that challenge traditional approaches to green communications. We help identify and segment key audiences, frame messages around their concerns and beliefs, and identify new opportunities for increasing levels of engagement. We help clients find the sweet spot where outreach goals dovetail with their audiences' own desires and motivations.
  • Training and support that builds the capacity of our clients to be effective for the long-term. Through tailored materials or in-person sessions, we help organizations secure internal buy-in for their outreach plan and make sure they’ve got the skills to execute it.